Who I Am

My name is Eric Morrison, and I am proud to be state representative for the 27th District which includes parts of Newark, Bear, Glasgow, and Middletown.

I am a lifelong Delawarean. I was raised in Bridgeville and graduated from the University of Delaware Honors Program in 1996 as the first person from my family to attend college. I graduated with an English major, a History minor, and a concentration in Ethnic & Cultural Studies. Since then, I have worked as an educator, in Medicaid, Medicare, and other health insurance programs, and human resources. I have lived in the Newark/Bear area for many years, currently in the Glasgow area.

Over the years, I have held volunteer, fundraising, and leadership positions in many Delaware nonprofits and organizations like Delaware Pride, the Food Bank of Delaware, AIDS Delaware, and the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware. Before I assumed office in 2020, I worked diligently as a political and social activist—organizing public educational events and forums, leading issue campaigns, and helping elect Democratic candidates. During that time, I learned an immense amount about the legislative process and how to best serve constituents—which has benefited me greatly while in office.

I am proud of my work in Dover. During my first term, I have sponsored or cosponsored over 300 bills and resolutions. I serve on five committees: Education, Health & Human Development, Labor, Corrections, and Veterans Affairs. I represent all of my constituents in Dover but I am especially cognizant of the needs of everyday hardworking Delawareans and our most vulnerable—including children, seniors, and veterans. I was elected to represent all district residents, and that’s what I do.

A big part of my job doesn’t happen in Dover. It happens right here in the 27th District. I’m proud of my reputation for timely and excellent constituent services—helping residents resolve road and traffic concerns, drainage problems, unemployment and tax issues, and more. I am present in my district, attending HOA and civic association meetings and various community events, and organizing charity drives and regular volunteer nights at the Food Bank of Delaware. Also, I keep constituents informed via regular town halls, e-newsletters, email blasts, letters, and social media posts on several platforms.

Today, the call to public service has never been stronger for me. Rarely in American history have we so desperately needed bold leadership in elected offices at all levels—from city and county councils, to state legislatures, to the national stage. Rarely have we so desperately needed elected officials who stand up courageously for everyday people. Rarely have we so desperately needed not politicians, but public servants.

I look forward to continuing to serve as state representative for Delaware’s wonderful 27th District.